Progress report

Progress report

By Yu-Chung Shen

All that I do in the summer vacation can be listed as the follows:

About research:

1. (Date: 07/10) I presented a paper about recommendation system in CS group which use the popularity measurements to characterize products. Based on this method, each product can be categorized into a specific popularity class and then we can identify each target customer with their favorite class, finally recommend products of the class to them.

2. (Date: 08/07) Again, I presented a paper about RS in CS group. This paper proposes a multi-agent system called IMPLICIT, which can recommend us with the web links when we use search engines. The design goal of the system is to help us reduce the time of finding the items we want in the search result list. We can image that the keywords we query might have been queried before by other people. So we can design agents for each user which can cache items of search result the user like. Next time other users query the same keyword we can directly recommend the search result which the previous users like and who have queried it before.

3.(Date: 07/14) I meet 左哥 at Lab to discuss the work about research successor. I found that 左哥 is an ambitious guy and have the dream to develop a system that can automatically extract the metadata of every object in this world. He is also a web technology fanatic since he had told me and analyzed for me the difference between many technologies nowadays. From his previous work, which is a system help user manage their paper readings online, I learn the implementation detail such as OpenID, DHT, RoR, and the architecture of REST design protocol. Even thought he is busy everyday doing his work at company, we sometimes talk via email, I think I still have lots more to work on and 左哥 can be my good advisor.

4. I surveyed some papers about research support system that can help researcher to do their research. The vision of this type of system is to provide an environment that allows users to manage their readings or publications and create a research group of a specific research topic. When the system have cached enough data (readings or publications), the system can automatically identify each user or group with their interests and recommend items (readings or publications) concerning about their interests to them.


1. I regularly attend OS and Complexity study group with 文杰 each week. These groups are founded for discussing subjects about qualify exams for PHD students. My goal is to pass at least 3 subjects in the exams (2007 Fall) ,and I deeply hope 文杰 can successfully pass all the subjects in the exams. Since he had taught me lots of things that I didn’t know before, and refresh me with his special thought or ideas about research in the AI domain. We deeply hope that we can collaborate on doing research or to attend conference together in the future days. We believe that even though we are not genius but the power of the collaboration can be respectable if we all trust our abilities.

2. I’ve been at home (Kaohsiung) for 11 days, been at Taichung for 6 days. During these days, I visit my dear parents, my friend, my puppy, etc. I just take a rest and refresh my mind.


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