Good job

Latex 中文字型搞定 !

祖佑MiKTeX folder

Latex batch instructions for Chinese pages

bg5conv < titlepage.tex > titlepage.cjk
bg5latex thesis.tex
bibtex thesis
bg5latex thesis.tex
bg5latex thesis.tex
dvipdfm -o thesis.pdf thesis.dvi

Execution flow for rec. evaluation

1) rec_user_item_match_score
2) rec_analysis
3) rec_analysis_graph (output a csv file)
4) rec_analysis_graph_recall (output a csv file)

Run for different neighborhood sizes (from 5 to 20, 5 have been completed)

php rec_user_item_match_score_10.php
php rec_user_item_match_score_15.php
php rec_user_item_match_score_20.php
php rec_analysis_10.php
php rec_analysis_15.php
php rec_analysis_20.php
php rec_analysis_graph_10.php
php rec_analysis_graph_15.php
php rec_analysis_graph_20.php
php rec_analysis_graph_recall_10.php
php rec_analysis_graph_recall_15.php
php rec_analysis_graph_recall_20.php

錄用狀態 預備錄用


認真過完每一天 用心去感受時間的流逝

即使只有一個月 也可以把它當一年來使用

Just do it !


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